sexta-feira, dezembro 23, 2016

Get Your Ass in Gear: “Author Your Success - How To Stop Procrastinating, Write Your First Book & Become A Published Author in 120 Days” by Ray Brehm

Let's watch a bunch of Star Trek episodes and then go on another Star Wars binge that takes me through Smolin's talking about String Theory and ends with me watching interviews with Lady Gaga. Then I'll reorganize my TBR Pile, check shaving machines prices on Amazon, and split up my photo albums into smaller more specific albums. By then, it'll be 3:00 AM, and I have a meeting at 09:00 AM, so it'll be too late to really start any work at that point. No can do. I must set sail by the winds of productivity into a week of awesome. Will Brehm’s book help me? I’m torn here. I want to be sincere and I want to fit in with your big, wonderful book on how to write successfully. What I am torn about is that I freakin’ love you, from a distance, through the world wide web, and not in a freaky way. I wanted this book. My only hangup is, (…) Jeez, this should not be so hard.  I really wanted this book, even though I have 5 other books in my TBR Pile, including a Neal Stephenson book whom I also love, from a distance, that I have not finished in like, oh, say 3 years. I know. Stupid. But all this stuff around me pulls me in. This book made more grooves in happy parts of my brain. But I want to be honest in all self-publishing related matters. I mean, who would lie in a book? That would make no sense because I feel that self-publishing-help are where everyone should really let all the shit-stained washing out for everyone to see; ya know, the real truth. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the fucking too hilarious to not be true. Am I right? Anyhow, thank you, Mr. Brehm, for being funny-as-all-get-out you. And I still hope that my left testicle is settling down after having read this book. I knew that my strategic planning would pay off! Now that I’ve found the exact right time and self-help book to publish all of my crap, I now have the key, the road map, even the endorsement to finally do it! I just needed to read this book again when I’m really ready … oh, that’s today. Someone wrote recently about how the difference between Marco Polo and other explorers was that Mr. Polo put everything about his journeys on paper, i.e., he put it out to the world. Back in the day, he had to practically hand deliver it to each reader. The power of the publishing world today is that I Hit Publish and, potentially, the world is at my fingertips. Thanks for this in-depth look into the current world of publishing. I’m glad you’re not attractive to employers, otherwise we might not have ever seen this book … because it probably would have been edited 69 times, chopped up, spit out, and … never published. Thanks. I’ve always loved reading about the actual daily tugs-of-war of my “heroes” and successful people go through. It’s a nice incentive that despite not yet achieving my version of success, it’s possible to do so and be an armless, legless man with a crayon in one’s mouth (I’m borrowing from Kurt Vonnegut here). I’ve found that blocking out one thing to do is really the game-changer. To hell with everything else; that one “must-do” will get done this way. Actually something I learned from reading this book. 

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