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The Stars Look Different Today: “The Somnambulist's Dreams” by Lars Jerlach

“’So what is it Enoch Soule? Why are you here? What are you here to tell me?’
‘I know why you’re here,’ he [the chess player] said.”

In “The Somnambulist's Dreams” by Lars Jerlach

2018’s been my year of reading some fundamental books on Physics. At least they are what some of my friends call Fundamental Books on Physics. After having read a bunch of them, some are not so fundamental: “Reality Is Not What It Seems” by Carlo Rovelli, “The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III -Multiple Universes, Mutual Assured Destruction, and the Meltdown of a Nuclear Family” by Peter Byrne, “What is Real - The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics” by Adam Becker, “The Emergent Universe" by Wallace, Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality” by Max Tegmark. My tiny brain is a hive of activity…Most of them were on the so-called Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics. The Everett Multiverse is one of the most interesting theories I’ve ever read in Physics, and it changed the way I read Jerlach’s novel. Quantum Mechanics as a generalization of probability theory just seems to me to throw into the rubbish bin the measurement problem rather than either solve or replace it with something better. Why doesn't the dynamics (e.g. Schrödinger's equation) describe the distribution turning into a delta function when it happens? The fact that different dynamical descriptions are required for evolution and measurement always seemed like the problem to me; multiverse doesn't exactly solve that problem but it at least kind of suggests a program for trying to deal with it. Do I believe in it? That’s not the point. All these time I thought were just a mad ranting nutters when they tried to emulate Quantum Physics in novelistic terms, but I realise now, in a sudden flash of insight, how wrong I was, how wrong we've all been, how crappy my work is on Computer Science (and such) and, in short, I was blind.


It’s all about the dialectic. Floating in front of me. It does that, right? It floats by your nose? Is the ghost of Hegel hanging there in front of Enoch Soule’s face, wherever he goes just all over us like a bad rash? His cold dead beady eyes following us around...... by the way. Sorry Jerlach. I'm a chronic acute insomniac with a workload, and this made me read your novel in a different way. That's my excuse for this behaviour and I'm sticking to it. I always do.

Bottom-line: Futurehuman 4 eva!!!!

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Allen Smalling disse...

Sprechen Sie auch Deutsch, Man~uel?

"ALLEN" Smalling, Goodreads, Chicago USA

16en Juni 2018

Manuel Antão disse...

Ja, Allen. Ich spreche einer der schönsten Sprachen der Welt...zusammen mit English und Portugiesisch.