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Best of my blog: 12 years, 801 posts, and 177K hits later

11 years are a goner... Now it's time for the best of my blog: 12 years, 801 posts, and 137 K hits later [in one year I wrote 171 posts (801-630 = 171 posts), and this blog you're reading had around 40K views (177K-137K = 40K)].

As I stated in 2017, blogging is the one thing in life I did before it went mainstream in 2004 [the blog you're reading exists since 04.08.2006; before that I'd two other blogs: the first in 2004, in Portuguese, no longer exists (Geocities Blog); the second, in German, still exists (GooglePages Blog)]. I can’t say that about anything else at all. In fact, I’m usually behind the times, but blogging — blogging is something I loved the minute I found out about it. I've been a content creator all my life. I can't remember a time where I didn't want to create something. Blogging as a sustained exercise demands, I suspect, a great deal more time and focus than many people can now allow it. I usually say there are three types of people blogging-wise: There are people with blogs who like to write about blogging and people with blogs who like to read those articles, then there are the other 99% of the population who don't give a shit about blogging....Am I successful? Is it important? For me "successful" bloggers are not those who just post their stuff on the internet and then wait for the crowds to come flocking. Their blogs are just part of a conversation, but most of that conversation is happening away from their blog. Of course, some people steal your content and broadcast it as their own. That's the nature of the beast. Those who cannot create steal...And this isn't confined to other bloggers. But, there's always tomorrow.

There are still quite a few successful blogs out there, if not successful in creating a massive following then at least at generating original content that is more meaningful and truthful than the aggregated drivel of mainstream media. The traditional definition of the term blog still has that whiff of naive amateurism attached to it. It may be that we just don't consider the more professional blogs as "blogs" per se. I know I don't; I'm too absorbed by the ones I follow to even consider whether they should be defined as such. You know who you're.

How self-absorbed are some people who have got a blog? "Seriously?", I always say. Somehow the stereotype of the blogger who notes the shitty minutiae of his or her daily life has become the public idea of a blog, whereas most real blogs are a series reports and/or opinion pieces with a set topic. That is, not self-absorbed at all if you also are into that topic. In my case is book-reviewing and other related-stuff (programming, plays, movies, TV Series, Shakespeare, etc.) A friend of mine, a retired history teacher, writes mainly about history but has also produces brilliant essays on Tolkien, in addition to interesting posts on George Orwell, Jonathan Swift, Shakespeare, Henry James, Jane Austen and many more. In my own case, I started a blog because I thought it would encourage me to do more writing, which it has. I see my blog as an online magazine that anyone is free to read or ignore. Take your pick.

Some people do indeed write solely for the satisfaction that comes from creative self-expression. 

Here are some of my favourite entries:

  1. For the Love of the Game: "Lions vs. Al Blacks - 2017 Series - Third Game"
  2. The Linux Server Encyclopaedia: "Anonymous" by Roland Emmerich
  3. GOATnaldo - It was men against God: "Portugal vs. Spain in Russian World Cup"
  4. Ronaldo's WTF Moment: Overhead Goal - Juventus vs. Real Madrid
  5. Advanced Python Class: "PacMan" (extra-project)
  6. Homemade and Fermented Hot-Sauce: Habaneros and Bird's Eye Chiles - Part 2
  7. Bayes' Theorem: "Música da Sra Bach/Mrs Bach's Music" by Alex McCall, and Irini Vachlioti
  8. Android App: Thinking in Code: "Antao's Tretis Ported from Python"
  9. Advanced Python Class: "Argghh, Just One More Go Mum: "Exploring Tetris On My Own"
  10. Android App: "Spinner Portuguese Style" by MySelfie
  11. Beckettian SF: "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick
  12. Minor SF Movie: "Blade Runner 2049" by Denis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott
  13. Space 1999 Reboot: "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan
  14. Mushroom Ghosts: "Star Trek: Discovery" by Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman
  15. Tickboxing Screen SF: "Altered Carbon" by Laeta Kalogridis
  16. The Endless Loops of Space Opera: "The Last Jedi" by Rian Johnson
  17. Stephen Hawking, 1942 - 2018
  18. Don't Panic! Arthur Dent Will Travel: "Space Heavy" by SpaceX, Elon Musk

The Math:

Total Hits (+40 K hits when compared with 2017):

Number of Posts (+ 171 posts when compared with 2017):

Hits all over the world:

2017 - 1124 places, as of 17.04.2016:

2018 - 1692 places, as of 17.04.2017 (+568 places more when compared with 2017):

My Library's Book Publication Dates:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Total Book Ratings:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Number of Books Read:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Book Languages:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Number of Pages Distribution:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's "How High is my Book Stack"?

(comprises the 12 years)

NB: The Eiffel Tower is not far off...982 (my number) < 1093 (Eiffel Tower)

My Library's Totals and Averages:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Dewey Decimal System Applied to my Library:

(comprises the 12 years)

My Library's Dewey Decimal System Applied to my Literature Stack:

(comprises the 12 years)

Author Gender:


Number of Followers on Booklikes (+235 more followers):

Top Page Hits:

(comprises the 12 years)

Quite a surprise is still the number of hits regarding my Shakespeare pages...Too bad I didn't create these pages right in 2006...Also the Theatre page, surprisingly, gives me very high hits. When we least expect, the surprises show up...

4 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

Another strong year it seems. I like the 12 year average of 3.34. To me, that is pretty impressive.

I see you are still using Booklikes. How's that going? And in all honesty, what do you get out of the site now? I just saw something (I log in every month or so since I still have a lot of blog'y stuff on there) where new books weren't being automatically added and someone came up with a workaround. I've actually thought about going back JUST for the stats tools but then I shake myself and move on :-)

In your 1000 books you must read, you only list 50. At first, I was going to make fun of you for that. Then I clicked the link and voila, I've only read 73 on the list. And looking through it, it looks a list compiled by somebody I probably wouldn't care for in real life. So no fun was made of you. I'm sure you're very relieved :-)

All in all, a lot of info. No wonder you need a nap after this!

Manuel Antão disse...

Woke up to 108º f...Right into the pool...

I only BL because of some of the stats. And yes. For lots of books you must introduce them into the database...It's going down the drain...

3.34. Last year it was 3.33. I must be getting mellow with age. lol.

Book Stooge disse...

That is just WAY TO HOT. I'd die.

When a book site isn't even adding books automatically, that is a death knell as far as I'm concerned. Sigh.

If it rose a whole 1% in just a year, I'd say you're definitely going easier. OR....
you are finally figuring out which books are stinkers ahead of time using your mutant powers ;-)

Manuel Antão disse...

I'm curious to know what my overall rating at the end of the year is going to be. I'm reading more Physics stuff, and most of it has been pretty good. I've got a feeling my rating this year is going to be above last year's. Maybe I'm going to eat my words at the end of the year (*marking-this-comment-for-further-reference*)