terça-feira, julho 31, 2018

Ilsa, 1999.08.08-2018.07.31 (19 years)

(Ilsa helping me stay focused on the task at hand...)

With my wife: Ilsa used to wait until she fell asleep every night, then creep up onto my wife's pillow and bat her face with her paw. Repeatedly. Until she would pet her, when she'd settle and purr and wait until my wife had fallen asleep to start again.  She also liked to sleep under the covers snuggled to my wife. Obviously love.

(Ilsa basking in the sun in the garden)

With me: Ilsa'd open the closed bathroom door while I was on the loo when she was but a wee kitten. She'd come padding up to me while I yelled at her to go out, completely fruitlessly of course because my wishes weren't particularly her concern. She stood there, looking at me with her head on one side as if trying to figure out what I was doing, then strolled over next to me, between the loo and the wall, where she'd proceed to have a pee, looking up at me proudly as if to say, 'Look at me! Aren't I awesome! Just like you!' When she became an adult cat she never forgot this. Sometimes we'd forget to empty the litter box, and she still would go to the bathroom to do her business in the shower cabinet. Now that she was sick, she was no longer able to go to the litter box on her own.

(Ilsa hiding on a sun-lounger in my garden)

(Ilsa on my tummy, both on the sun-lounger in my garden basking in the sun)

(Ilsa and my baby boy sleeping)

(Ilsa sleeping in my diving bag)

(Ilsa by the fireplace)

(Ilsa throwing things on the floor)

All my three kids played with her no end. 

Cats are just fantastically unbelievable, right?

She'll be sorely missed. I'm feeling fucking down...

NB: It was me who named her after my favourite movie female character.

4 comentários:

Mark Andre' Sheehan disse...

Dear Manuel,
What a loving tribute!
It made me cry.
What a beautiful cat!
To you and your family,
we're so sorry for your loss.
Mark - )

Manuel Antão disse...

Thank you Mark. Miserable frigging life!

Book Stooge disse...

Sorry to hear you're having to experience this particular aspect of life. I'm sorry and hope you'll feel better...

Manuel Antão disse...

Thx Bookstooge.