Raspberry Pi

It would be nice to able able to build images with some of the projects underneath...That way I'd have a one-on-one SD Card correspondence between project and SD Card... Every time I needed something (a particular project running), I'd pop the SD Card in, and I'd be in business without the hassle of building everything from scratch. Maybe I should add another project for this lol.

Any more ideas to complement the 72 ideas...?

  1. Setting-up the Pi with Raspian for 1st boot - DONE (Project 1)
  2. Setting-up X-Windows through VNC - no additional investment needed - DONE (Project 2);
  3. Setting-up Wi-Fi dongle - no additional investment needed DONE (Project 3);
  4. Build a cheap laptop - additional investment needed (I needed a LCD) - DONE (Project 4);
  5. Enabling Dynamic Memory Allocation - no additional investment needed - DONE (Project 5); 
  6. Enabling Overclocking- no additional investment needed DONE (Project 6);
  7. Enabling Audio - no additional investment needed - DONE (Project 7);
  8. Enabling Java and Flashplayer-look-alike - no additional investment needed DONE (Project 8);
  9. Enabling Samba to allow connections from Windows machines - no additional investment needed - DONE (Project 9)
  10. Which FS to use with USB drives - DONE (Project 10)
  11. Setting-up the Gertboard I/O expansion board and the Raspberry Pi - additional investment needed - DONE (Project 11)
  12. Webcam server - no additional investment needed - DONE (Project 12);
  13. Mini Web Server - no additional investment needed  - DONE (Project 12);
  14. OwnCloud on Raspberry Pi - IaaS Cloud Service - DONE (Project 13);
  15. Raspberry Pi vs MEO Cloud vs MEO Kanal - DONE (Project 14);
  16. Raspberry Pi vs Pibrella Expansion Board - DONE (Project 15);
  17. Raspberry Pi vs Pibrella Expansion Board vs Python - Siren - DONE (Project 16);
  18. Raspberry Pi vs Servomotor - DONE (Project 17);
  19. Raspbery Pi vs Pizazz Robot - DONE (Project 18);
  20. Raspberry Pi 2 - DONE (Project 19);
  21. Raspberry Pi 2 vs Windows 10 IoT - DONE (Project 20)
  22. Porting ICS to Pi  (check Razdroid up) - no additional investment needed;
  23. Vehicle tracking (using an add-on GPS module) - additional investment needed;
  24. Streaming internet radio box - no additional investment needed (I already have a solution hooked up on my synology at home, but it'd be nice to try it on the Pi);
  25. Baby monitor - no additional investment needed (I already have a solution hooked up on my synology at home, but it'd be nice to try it on the Pi);
  26. Media server by adding a couple of USB hard drives - no additional investment needed (my synology NAS does this out-of-the-box);
  27. Media receiver (Raspbmc or Plex) - no additional investment needed (my synology NAS does this out-of-the-box, and it has got an interface for the Plex as well);
  28. Video chat - no additional investment needed;
  29. Game emulator, running MAME (build your own arcade cabinet?) - no additional investment needed (to build the arcade cabinet, I'll need to spend money on it...);
  30. Network Attached Storage setup (NAS) - no additional investment needed (to build a second NAS at home and I've got plenty of USB disks...);
  31. FTP server - no additional investment needed;
  32. Proxy server - no additional investment needed;
  33. Firewall - no additional investment needed;
  34. Run an alarm system - no additional investment needed (I already have two IP cams hooked up on my synology. The ideia would be to use one one of the cameras connected to the Pi, using SimpleCV Software as the interface; it's a wonderful peace of software);
  35. Security webcam (with motion sensor) - no additional investment needed (I already have a solution hooked up on my synology at home, but it'd be nice to try it on the Pi. I'll disconnect one of the IP cams on the synology and use it here);
  36. Control garden lighting - additional investment needed;
  37. Control sprinkler system - additional investment needed;
  38. Wearable computer - additional investment needed;
  39. HTPC for TV web browsing - no additional investment needed;
  40. HTPC for streaming Netflix / Hulu Plus, etc - no additional investment needed (my synology NAS has neat embedded technology for this...);
  41. In-car computer - additional investment needed;
  42. Thin client computer - additional investment needed;
  43. Game server - no additional investment needed;
  44. IRC / chat server - no additional investment needed;
  45. Build a cheap tablet - additional investment needed (I need a LCD);
  46. Create a digital photo frame - additional investment needed;
  47. Asterisk VOIP server - additional investment needed (special hardware must be installed in Asterisk servers to attach traditional analog telephones, or to connect to PSTN lines. Digium and a number of other firms sell PCI cards to attach telephones, telephone lines, T1 and E1 lines, and other analog and digital phone services to a server);
  48. PBX - additional investment needed;
  49. Home automation system - additional investment needed;
  50. MP3 player - no additional investment needed;
  51. Portable personal computer, you can use it anywhere you can find a monitor - additional investment needed (not the same as number 30...I want something like this http://liliputing.com/2013/01/raspberry-portable-turning-a-raspberry-pi-into-a-full-fledged-portable-pc.html);
  52. Wall hanging screen with voice control for network pictures, weather, news and RSS feeds - additional investment needed;
  53. Video conferencing system - no additional investment needed;
  54. Personal weather station / logger - additional investment needed;
  55. Control a light display - additional investment needed;
  56. Control a LED board - additional investment needed;
  57. Intelligent photo frame with touch - additional investment needed;
  58. Wardriving setup - additional investment needed;
  59. Solar powered desktop computer - additional investment needed;
  60. High tech birthday / Xmas presents - additional investment needed;
  61. Backup server - no additional investment needed;
  62. High tech alarm clock - additional investment needed;
  63. Mini projector additional investment needed;
  64. Mumble server - no additional investment needed;
  65. TOR server - no additional investment needed;
  66. BitTorrent seedbox - no additional investment needed;
  67. CD / DVD ripping device - no additional investment needed;
  68. Car black box with video - additional investment needed;
  69. Wall mounted, interactive mood lamp - additional investment needed;
  70. Robotic telescope / camera controller - additional investment needed;
  71. SMS gateway - no dditional investment needed;
  72. DosBox Emulator for Games;

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