quinta-feira, dezembro 18, 1980

Competent Fempro: "The Hub - Dangerous Territory" by James H. Schmitz

(Original Review, 1980-12-18)

While Telzey (and Trigger Argee) are okay, my favorite Schmitz heroine is Nile Etland of THE DEMON BREED. No psi, but an intriguing water-world ecology, and a smart, level-headed, very competent fempro. Schmitz has consistently led the field since the mid '60's, in having more SF books with female protagonists than any other writer, 5 at present.  But if he doesn't have a new one in the works, he's surely going to be matched by Barbara Paul, who has had 4 between 1978 and 1980.  (Joanna Russ and Anne McCaffrey have each had 4, also, but over 11-year spans.) Spotting new fempro paperbacks isn't so much of a problem for those put out by the usual publishers, it's the off-beat ones that are hard to come by.  Where new Manor books are sold I have no idea -- certainly not in our local SF-oriented emporia, nor in any of the supermarkets I've checked.  Yet I've found 2 Manor fempro's in 2nd-hand SF racks, which leaves me worried at what others might have been issued that I've missed. For a collector, it's no consolation that SF from such sources is almost inevitably 3rd rate at best... about like what you'd expect from a vanity press.

[2018 EDIT: The above edition on the picture is the 2001 edition I bought later on in that very same year.]

[2018 EDIT: This review was written at the time as I was running my own personal BBS server. Much of the language of this and other reviews written in 1980 reflect a very particular kind of language: what I call now in retrospect a “BBS language”.]

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