domingo, março 05, 2006

Micro-Multi-Task: "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol S. Dweck

(original review, 2006)

Following the footsteps of some who is great in order to be great is moronic. Only talentless fools would look to do the same as others to be successful. The only way to succeed is by doing what you love and get obsessed by it. You will be working over 100 hours a week, and you will be thinking about it every second awake, and you will be a success because nobody loves it as much as you do. It is like when you get with a girl that you love and it doesn't matter how pretty people say others girls are in comparison to yours; it is yours the most beautiful in your eyes.

All of these could be boiled down to: Discipline. Whatever oddball habits these people may have had, the point is that they did them every day, without fail, even to the point of obsession. Even something simple like going to sleep at the exact time each night is surprisingly hard to achieve. Distractions,  family, life, television, internet all get in the way. It takes a truly disciplined person to tune out all of that and stick to schedule. I certainly can't bring myself to achieve it. Because, ultimately, it doesn't really matter what your particular morning or nightly routine is - it could be the oddest, more superstitious thing in the world. What matters is that you do it every day.

The tried and tested daily routines of an interminable dullard:

1. Get dressed gradually over the course of several hours. Take care not to put on trousers before 2pm;

2. Plumb new depths of mediocrity by re-watching repeats of "How I Met Your Mother";

3. Stimulate brain activity by attempting to deduce the identity of the criminal in Scooby Doo before the big reveal;

4. Try to see life from a different perspective by spending the afternoon watching TV while lying on the floor in a semi-comatose state, with one eye closed;

5. Learn how to micro-multi-task – Do several things, each for a duration of five seconds per day;

6.Cultivate a feeling of false superiority over your fellow man by eating Lindt chocolates while watching Herman José on TV (our most famous comedian)