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ITIL - Change or Configuration Management. Which comes first? - Follow-up

( "Requestion" from Dieter Newmann )

The Service support book has several references about the need to have change in place to support ConfigM. It also describes that if you don’t have change management that you need to freeze the CMDB and manually record all changes until you do have change mgt in place – completely impractical except in the very smallest of organizations... :)

The activities of ConfigM are PICSV – planning, identification, CONTROL, status accounting and verification and audit. Control ensures that no CI is added, deleted or modified without appropriate authorization – an approved change request.
Implementing config and populating a CMDB with no process to manage it would be foolish.

Also, the cost of implementing config and the CMDB mean this process should not be the first one attempted. You would be hard pressed to get budget approval (this can cost several hundred thousand Euros for the tool, the database license, populating tools and the large amount of time it takes).

It doesn’t take much for things to go wrong and buy in wanes. You also aren’t likely to get many second chances, so tackling such a big project ( ConfigM ) too early creates a large risk.

Change does need config – how else do you properly assess an RFC? The same way most shops do it – get the people in the room that know about the systems. This is not perfect of course – lots of danger by relying on what’s in people’s heads, but, it can be done and without a CMDB what choice is there? Config however, needs change to ensure that the records are kept accurate and up to date. Change also can be ‘improved’ or formalized fairly quickly, without a lot of cost and can provide immediate benefits. This does need to be part of a larger plan to include other processes however as change mgt. left in a low state of maturity, or in isolation, may never become what it should and it might forever only be ‘change control’.

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