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ITIL Implementation - Question

Question from Dieter :

"Hi Manuel,

I have my ITIL Foundation and Manager Training. I'd like to ask an implementation question, particularly from you, who I know have just started implementing ITIL in your organization.

1. Which ITIL module do you start with?
2. In what logical sequence did you implement the 10 modules?
3. How long does each module take?

With Best Wishes

Dieter Newmann"


Hallo Dieter.

Long time no see ...

Well, in October I started the phase of design and implementation of the Configuration Management Process for the company I work for ( PT-SI ), but prior to that there were already a lot of ITIL Processes in place, that is, in the design phase.

To my mind there are no right or wrong answers, but it depends on the situation. I can summarize :

1. If you are fighting fire or having a constant haunting pain, start from the most painful process (thereby giving the most immediate business benefits);

2. If you are trying it for the first time without customer pressure, then try the simplest (e.g. SD, IM) where you can get quick wins;

3. If have current processes in place and want to start from the most effective, that implement a CCR (which first or together, depends on IT maturity, time constraint, complexity, etc.);

4. If you are in the project mode, planning for next year, you can start with customer SLR and SLA;

5. If you are more forward thinking and want to do it right the first time, then begin with ISO20K and related Management Processes.

On the other hand, change has to come before config, else what keeps the CMDB up to date? Also, config and the CMDB are the most complex, lengthy and expensive of all the processes to implement so making that your first ITIL project is not a good idea.
Benefits and pay back way too long.

Success with ITIL needs to have some early wins that don't cost too much and can be implemented quickly. This gets you the buy in needed for the bigger projects.

In fact there are several of the processes that should be considered before config.

Ideally, one would implement change, config and release together, but since these take different lengths of time and substantially different efforts to implement, the only way to launch them together is to know the effort, plan the end date and stagger the start dates so they coincide - not very practical.

I suppose you could also build your processes, shelve the ones done first until they are all ready for launch. In my opinion also not a good idea.

Start with an assessment to understand the points of pain and biggest return for the business. Understand the business priorities and from there you can create a plan for 1-2 years to start making process improvements. Your plan should contain quick wins as well as identify the first 2-4 processes that you should formalize or implement.

Hope this helps.


PS. How is the preparation for the CPE going ?

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Dieter Newmann disse...

Manuel, what platform are you planning on using ? We're still in the process of selecting a tool. Dieter