The Stars My Destination - Alfred Bester"The jaunte rules supreme..."

I read this book more than 20 years ago and finally I got to read it again (It's been for some time on my TBR Pile of long-ago-SF-Books...)

There’s many SF classics to be read, and I have read most of them.

Often, when reading books from the “good old days”, the datedness of the tale, writing, and characters is very obvious to the modern eye. Not so with this book.

SF is a difficult and transient literature at the best of times. It claims to treat of the future. But nothing dates harder than SF. "The Stars My Destination" is one of those books that fends off the test of time.

When I read this book in the late 80's as a young teenager, I read it under the title "Tiger! Tiger!", which it's a title I much prefer.

This is Cyberpunk before William Gibson "invented" it: it has got corporate intrigue, a mysterious McGuffin (PyRE), an amoral hero and a super-cool woman,...

Still one of my favourites.