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"Mission to Paris: A Novel" by Alan Furst

Mission to Paris: A Novel - Alan Furst
Ronald Colman
(as I read it, the Fredric Stahl character reminded me of the english actor Ronald Colman)

Furst has long been on my TBR.

As this was my first Alan Furst novel that I’ve read, the first thing that came to mind me was how it kind of kept reminding me of John le Carre’s works in a sense of the dark atmosphere, the smooth way in which the espionage business was carried out.

Besides that, there wasn't much in it. There was an awesome book lost somewhere in "Mission to Paris", but Furst did not find it. The end concludes too quickly, and characters are introduced and dropped. On top of that Paris as a setting was woefully wasted. 

Also hard to stand and understand was the way Furst tended to caricature most of the German characters. I'm not sure whether Furst stays on the right side of the line cliche-wise. The difference between a lazy cliche and a comfortingly familiar type can be pretty fine in fiction.

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