domingo, setembro 06, 2015

The Collector's Eye (Joe Berardo): "Arden Anderson and Norma Murphy" by John de Andrea (1972)

As I've written elsewhere, good art makes me think. This ensemble of quite a few paintings and sculptures pertaining to Berardo's collection, which having been selected by him and as in accordance with his personal perspective, deserved special recognition, particularly the ones I've already written about:

It was while I was visiting the exhibition that I finally got to see one of my favourite art nudes. And it was something worth waiting for. Never was hyperrealism so real...

This was my fourth moment of the exhibition.

Although photography, in theory, is the best way to realistically represent the world, it's still a technic that in a way is not real. At least that's the way I always thought about it. Why is it not real? While the environment visually changes, the photo freezes/colapses  that environment into a single moment, capturing only one perspective, making it somewhat unreal. That's when hyperrealism comes to the rescue. And what better example than this one?

As I walking away from this art piece, the phrase popped up in my mind: "I don't want to be your whole life...just your favourite part". I'm not sure who said or wrote it. Morrissey? I think this quote could be an alternative title for it.

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