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What Makes a Writer: "The Promise" by Robert Crais

Published November 10th 2015

What is a writer? It is spending time devising plots in a basement with the help of a dictionary. And why do they do that? Why not do something else? What makes a writer? He could be doing something else, he could be picking mushrooms. But instead, he’s in his basement hammering the keyboard.  Why? Doesn’t he have anything better to do, or anything else he can do? It’s a way of passing time for him, but not for some readers.

In a nutshell, because book reviewing was not meant for books like these:

- Great amount of detail describing the actual time and the distance required to drive somewhere;
- Very badly written;
- Very filmy, like a would-be movie script;
- It just felt forced beginning to end. The plot was meandering and ridiculous and the ending was so simply awful;
- With too many character's perspectives plot was a very disjointed affair;
- Joe Pike was even more monosyllabic than usual. Was he there at all there??
- What’s with the dog's "internal" monologues??
- The bad guy just didn't resonate;
- There never seemed to be much intrigue to the story;
- There were some awkward and spotty moments;
- This series keeps getting worse;
- We know Jon Stone speaks yet another language, this time round, Bulgarian…
- Go read Michael Connelly or Ian Rankin. Also with series for more than 20 years under their belts, but still worth reading.

2 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

"Very filmy, like a would-be movie script;"

I have noticed that certain books are written so that they can be adapted for screen plays instead of being written to tell a good story. That is just sad...

Manuel Antão disse...

Indeed. That's the state of affairs of our book industry. If I want to watch a movie, I'll go and watch a movie!