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An Incantation, a Haircut and Boom, Voilà, Jon Snow is Back From the Dead. Really? : "Game of Thrones - 6th Season"

I just finished the 2nd episode of the 6th season of GoT and at the end I said to myself: “WTF???”. I’ve been telling this to all my friends: Martin has sold his soul off to the devil, in this case he’s sold off his soul to the highest bidder, the TV God. Jon Snow resurrecting? Lol. Jon Snow was not resurrected in any of the published books, i.e., the last of the book published in 2011 ends with his death, so the showrunners imagined his resurrection the way they wanted to make the show last to the last drop of blood…If any one of you read the books (forget about the show), we know Sir Davos does not know Jon Snow all that much. So why the resurrection? On top of that we saw Sir Davos trying to convince the Red Woman to use black magic to bring back Jon Snow which seems in total conflict to his character from previous seasons.  When Sir Davos was with Stannis, he argued against using magic all the time, thinking it was dirty and dangerous. It just doesn’t make any sense! This is my main objection against the series in TV Form, i.e., we don’t understand shit. To begin with, where does the magic comes from? In other words, the show doesn't properly contextualize magic. The books do. Second, what’s the context of the walkers, the dragons, the dragon-fire, and the red woman’s powers? Take for instance the prayers of the red woman over the dead to be returned; these prayers were never answered until suddenly they were. WTF! Beric being alive was a miracle to the priest performing the rites as well. But, Martin when wearing his money grabbing hat for the show did not give us enough clues for us to properly establish this. In my book this means Jon's coming back to life isn't a part of the larger scheme of things narrative-wise, but rather a weird thing that happened so that Martin could get a few more dollars by being involved with the show. The whole shebang in book form explains this quite well. For starters, magic is inextricably linked to dragons and the length of the seasons. When the dragons were killed off in the beginning of time, magic mostly stopped working, which was why the Maesters killed the dragons in the first place, and when magic did work it was weak and random. I think Martin has concluded the show is just utter crap and he’s lost his enthusiasm for it and is just trying to finish it as quickly as possible without incurring the wrath of the fans. I still remember what happened to X-Files, and Lost. I wonder whether Martin still cares about the show all that much. Jon Snow dead for 2 days?? Does he think we’re all stupid?? Narrative-wise it’d have been more plausible if the red woman had resurrected him immediately after he died. I'm pretty sure Jon Snow smelled worse than his burning mane by the time the incantations started…. With this 2nd episode what I feared happened (I’d been delaying watching this 6th season, but a friend of mine insisted…). This 2nd episode demonstrates once again some novels ought not to be made into a TV series. An incantation, a haircut and boom, voilà, Jon Snow is back from the dead. Really? No more. Bye bye GoT.

NB: I’m not sure I’ll read the next volume when it comes out. Martin has surpassed all decency in terms of book publishing. Enough is enough.

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