segunda-feira, junho 06, 2016

Post-War German Literature: "Deutsche Kurzgeschichten" by Richard Newnham

Meloves a good bilingual book, especially one with one of my favourite stories in German: "Die blasse Anna/Pale Anna" by Heinrich Böll.

Some of the works I urge people to read, if they haven't already. Why? Because they are not like anything else, and each changed me, and for the most part they aren't completely obvious must-reads, at least not today, so I may succeed in steering someone toward a book they wouldn't have otherwise picked up. Böll's is a short-story, so it doesn't exactly fit in this category, but it fits in my category of works that somehow changed me. This is the first time I've read this short-story in translation, and it does not "pale" in comparison with the original. I've written about the pleasure of reading literature in German, when compared to its shadowy counterpart in English (I imagine the same happens when one translates from English into German).

Some of the stories are so good I think they have been chosen not on academic and learning grounds but for their literary acumen. 
The translations, by different translators for each short-story, are idiomatic rather than a word-for-word rendering. This makes this anthology potentially interesting to the general reader, or at least to anyone curious about post-war German literature and culture. 

NB: I got this in a second-hand bookstore. Sometimes serendipity works in mysterious ways…

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