quinta-feira, março 02, 2017

Micro-Fiction, Text 004: "The Poster" by Myselfie

The underpass is vacant apart from a solitary figure headed directly toward her. A woman around Rachel's own age, and not too dissimilar from how she looks.
'I see you're not taking the advice,' the police officer says nodding to the wall. 'The poster. We're advising young women to be careful not to walk alone when they don't have to. He's killed three.'
'I'm sorry, I didn't see it. I'm only headed around the corner,' Rachel replies.
'I'll walk you along. I hope you've been watching the news.'
Out of the underpass now, Rachel learns a lot about the officer. She learns her name, that she's part Irish, that she isn't a natural blonde, and the police are no closer to finding the monster.
Rachel also knows that there are no cameras here, nor are there any cameras within a square mile of this alleyway. She remembers from the maps that decorate her basement flat.
It's how she's gotten away with it for so long.
She hasn't planned on it tonight, but the night is so young and crisp and the porcelain flesh of her new friend so inviting, she doesn't see any reason why she can't play.
She reaches into her jacket pocket and thumbs the icy blade it shelters.
This will be fun, she thinks.

And again, it is.

4 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

The best part of these micro's is the little pix you include of the teensy-weensie books...

Manuel Antão disse...

The best part?? What about the teensy-weensie texts beneath them?? LOOOL

Book Stooge disse...

These are the types of post that walk the line between writer/blogger for me. Are you being an author in posting these, or a blogger? I see the difference as "intent" and it helps that I know you online. There is one fellow over on Wordpress who does some writing and I just ignore his posts altogether when he posts his works. I really like his non-writing stuff, so I keep following him. But that is not the usual.

I know that I get very anti-writer at times, and that bias has caused me to miss out on some people who I might enjoy to follow, but since it saves me 99 out of 100 times from wasting my time, I consider that 1 time a very acceptable loss.

It comes to the fact that I don't WANT to get to know authors as people. Because it changes the dynamics, both ways. I'll never review one of your books. Not because I think you are a crap author or anything, but because I am comfortable with what I have in how I relate to you. I did review one of Gregor Xane's books and that was when I realized I can't be friends with authors. I can be friends with bloggers and I can review author's book, but I can't do both. Knowing someone makes me soften what I think or maybe just hold back a little bit and I don't like that. I want my reviews to be honest and genuine.
The People Deserve the Truth! Ha.

And I've written WAY more than I intended. And if I came across as too harsh, I didn't mean to. But if I did, that is an indication of why I have a hard time with the author/blogger dynamic :-)

Manuel Antão disse...

I've got this rule: never send the stuff I write, whether books, or other things to people. I'm in this for myself. Moreover, I don't give a rat's ass about what people think. Period. Sometimes I put some stuff on my blog that sometimes comes out as me being a total idiot. Why?There's been some peer pressure on my side of the Atlantic to put more stuff fiction-wise on my blog. I succumbed...I know. Weak...

Having said that, every time you read crap on my blog, give it to me straight. I can take it. Or don't read it if you can smell the scent of fiction coming your way...lmao.