quarta-feira, abril 19, 2017

Dated Crime Fiction: "Sunset Express" by Robert Crais

Gosh, Robert Crais! I really want to like you, but after lots of books in and it still feels like gawky blind dating rather than true love.  I should be really digging these Crais novels, but I’m not. A smart-aleck gauntleting detective with a mean-as-hell friend is something that I can’t get enough of in other books. But something just isn’t coalescing here. From Crais first novel, I thought that Crais was doing a west coast version of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels and that feeling continues here. It isn’t Crais’ fault that I’m reading these over many years after he wrote them and that they seem dated in a lot of ways to me; having said this, there are still just too many clichés for me to overlook in this. Plus, Elvis is just such a dogged know-it-all that he tends to get on my nerves. Characters like Marlowe, Spenser or Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie can be wise asses and tough guys, but it feels like Cole can’t let the mildest thing go by without trying to act like a comic at karaoke night. What saves this book Cole’s quick jokes. So quick, he had me laughing like crazy a few pages in. That's pretty darn quick.

NB: According to BL/GR/LT this is my 400th/396th/394th book review. I believe BL is correct.

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Book Stooge disse...

Congrats on the 400th! At least the differences in numbers are under 10. I'm a couple of hundred different. I didn't review, as I do now, almost 400 volumes of manga from '08-'11 or so and while they were listed at leafmarks, they never made it to booklikes. They're listed at blogger, but with only "manga" under the review part. It's a pretty messy situation.

At some point I'm just going to bite the bullet and make "something up" and have it be the official count and go from there for the future.

Manuel Antão disse...

Thanks Bookstooge. Here's to 500!

This situation is still at the back of my mind. Like you with the Manga, I feel I've got to to do something...But I'm still procrastinating. Maybe a team of aliens will show up at my doorstep and solve this problem for me.

NB: All of my comics are still on the back burner. I never did something with them reviewing-wise. It's still something to be addressed.

Book Stooge disse...

Heck, if I knew aliens were coming to do all my work for me, I'd retire right now and move to a sunny beach and drink diet coke all day.

I'm reviewing individual comics right now, but I know that before '13, I wouldn't have. When I started in 2000, I just wanted to list the "novels", ie, "books" that I'd read. Comics and manga weren't "books" to me back then. It's quite interesting how my desire to catalogue has grown instead of shrinking. Not sure if that's because I'm more mature now, or just more ocd :-D

Manuel Antão disse...

I can do "mature" and "ocd", but not at the same time...

That's the main reason (being able to stop cataloging stuff that is) why I haven't started on my comics project.

As to the other stuff needing my attention (books reviewed on several platforms) that's a battle for another day, but it still bothers me.