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Best of my blog: 11 years, 630 posts, and 137K hits later

10 years are a goner... Now it's time for the best of my blog: 11 years, 630 posts, and 137 K hits later.

Blogging is the one thing in life I did before it went mainstream in 2004 (the blog you're reading exists since 04.08.2006; before that I'd two other blogs: the first in 2004, in Portuguese, no longer exists; the second, in German, still exists). I can’t say that about anything else at all. In fact, I’m usually behind the times, but blogging — blogging is something I loved the minute I found out about it.

This Summer, my blog turned 11 years old. 630 posts later, and here are some of my favourite entries:

  1. My Shakespeare Library
  2. My Kind of Reviews
  3. Android App: (2b) U ~(2b): "Hamlet's To be ot Not To Be Soliloquy"
  4. Advanced Python Class: "Asteroids' Game (Final Project)
  5. Advanced Python Class: "PacMan" (extra-project)
  6. Vatertag/Father's Day/Dia do Pai: 2nd and 3rd Language Acquisition
  7. Pensate Profunde: 400 posts, 300 Book Reviews
  8. "How can anyone write in a language that nobody reads?"
  9. Who Cares About Selfies?: My Shelfies At Home
  10. Deep Blue: "River Gurara Shipwreck" (38°24'42"N - 9°13'11"W), 24/11/2001, 03/08/200
  11. My Memory, my Soul and my Quantum Entanglement: 500th Post
  12. Setting-up the Gertboard I/O expansion board and the Raspberry Pi
  13. Sacred Chant: "Laudate Dominum" (Taizé version) by Musicam Sacram Ensemble

The Math:

Total Hits (+39 K hits when compared with the results a years ago):

Number of Posts (+ 123 posts when compared with the results a years ago):

Hits all over the world (1124 places, as of 17.04.2016):

My Library's Book Publication Dates:

My Library's Total Book Ratings:

My Library's Number of Books Read:

My Library's Book Languages:

My Library's Number of Pages Distribution:

My Library's "How High is my Book Stack"?

NB: The Eiffel Tower is not far off...

My Library's Totals and Averages:

My Library's Dewey Decimal System Applied to my Library:

My Library's Dewey Decimal System Applied to my Literature Stack:

Number of Followers on Booklikes:

Top Page Hits:

Quite a surprise the number of hits regarding my Shakespeare pages...Too bad I didn't create these pages right in 2006...Also the Theatre page, surprisingly, gives me very high hits. When we least expect, the surprises show up...

3 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

Man, 139K hits. I just hit the 10K this past month, so if I can keep up the momentum, I should be there in about, ummm, 13 years! Go me!

That is cool that you've been able to keep one blog for so long. I've gone through about 6 since '05, as I'd get depressed or angry or whatever and just delete the whole thing in a fit of pique. Thankfully I've learned to write things that get me that way in my journal instead of online :-D Of course, then you have to deal with social booksites as well. We'll see just how long I last at WP. I'm hoping for a good run.

In "My Kind of Reviews" I agree, it should be you not being influenced by those who read your posts. You definitely seem to have a better handle on that than I do. I feel like I am constantly checking myself to see if I went to far, or not far enough or, or, or... I wonder if helps that you've written a book and not just posts?

Manuel Antão disse...

Having written a book with some of my stuff in it helps to put things in perspective. I gave one of my books to a friend, comprising some of my reviews, and she liked the fact I was sometimes very visceral. She does not read blogs unfortunately. So the books are the only chance I've got when someone asks where I get my kicks...It helps because I write to myself. Sometimes I get lots of stick from someone from the Internet (authors, wanna-be-writers, etc.), but that goes with the territory. I don't care. I write to myself.

I'm not a writer and I don't consider myself in that category. I'm just someone who likes to dabble in writing... What still gives me lots of pleasure is writing reviews, meaning "deconstructing" what I've just read.

Luís Filipe Franco disse...

Nice numbers!!!