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Boxing is a science while MMA is a maul: "McGregor vs. Mayweather"

Watching the weigh-in, it does seem that McGregor has some major and unresolved anger management issues. Did Mayweather steal Conor's bike (the shiny new red 5-speed racer he just got for his birthday), or say something horrid and beastly about Conor's Granny (so spiteful, she's such a lovely thing)? Well, what I saw was a heavily tattooed man with a semi erection screaming a lot, and a black guy, slighting shorter, smiling and appearing to enjoy himself. Did I miss something?

Another mail in the coffin of professional boxing. It long ago ceased to be a credible sport. I expect it won't be long until we see a world champion boxer fighting a kangaroo on expensive PPV all in the name of making rich men even richer. McGregor consistently appears an appalling human being, a mangled caricature of a proud Irishman, excelling both in his immense UFC talents and drawing attention for a complete absence of dignity or decency. Mayweather on the other hand, seems also a caricature of sorts, but far less horrid, far less repugnant and with a hint of dignity about him.The Irishman goes much further than puerile, benign banter for the crowd, all part of his act, but it makes the sport look like an open zoo for rabid animals. He is bringing a bad name to boxing...regardless of the result. For there has been a sense of humility, class, about most the top boxers. Hardly all of them, but many, enough to recall a different kind of behaviour outside the ring. McGregor just looks like a clown making a complete fool of himself not to promote the fight but simply because he is nuts. Boxing is a strategic as well as physical sport, I don't like mayweather but he will school this clown. It's terrible for boxing...unless Conor gets put down. If not, it really seems to soil the reputation of the sport. I hope Floyd pondered this. He can't need the money, so its pride I suppose, the chance to reach the 50, and even perhaps some form of loyalty to his fans, most if not all of whom would like to see the fight.

Regardless of how similar Conor is away from the cameras to in front of them, his behaviour serves as an example to others. People look at a champion and use his behaviour as a benchmark. Its cool to be like Conor...Why would he care? Clearly, he doesn't. Yet, true champions, in the purist sense, show respect for the blueprint of a champion they are presenting to the word, attempting to maintain the qualities of humility, respect, politeness, common decency. Those are the true greats...but again, why would Conor care? He just wants the money and the fame and in this age, to behave as he does, appallingly and grotesquely, gets him both in spades...

Conor's success is yet another testament to living in an Age where many in the West are close to brain-dead, needing bright lights and screaming more than anything else to be captivated ...some of the press conferences have appeared like a mass outing for thousands of kids with very severe learning issues...to put it kindly.

This is not really a sporting event, but a money-making exercise. A bit like freak shows from the 19th century. Oh, and by the way: watching 2 people rubbing their crotches on each other for minutes on end after a few seconds of laughable striking might be "real fighting" in someone's eyes but it's dull as hell. I'd rather watch showjumping and I hate showjumping.

Bottom-line boxing-wise: Floyd is the best at not getting hit. Mcgregor will flail around like a mad animal. He will get frustrated and Floyd will jab at will. Everyone thinks Mcgregor smashes Floyd out but I would also like to win the lottery.

It's a farce and mugs will pay to watch. Forget the fight; I heard $100,000,000 each.

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