domingo, setembro 03, 2017

A Society of Abatement: “Year of the Fat Knight - The Falstaff Diaries” by Antony Sher

“Sartre said that there’s a God-shaped hole in all of us. Greg fills his with Shakespeare; the other day he said, laughing, ‘I’m not the director of a company, I’m the priest of a religion!’ and me? I have Falstaff inside me now – I can say it confidently at last – and that great, greedy, glorious bastard leaves no room for anything else at all.”

In “Year of the Fat Knight - The Falstaff Diaries” by Antony Sher

Reading stuff like this, always awakens my creative streak. Here's a little something for your (and my own) enjoyment I've just written that I think aptly summarises Sher's book:

We really do need some protection
From the spread of the ‘rising enunciation’
Phrases go up? Just at the end?
Drives me completely ‘round the bend

Please don’t do it, it’s annoying?
So monotonous and cloying
Up-talk gives me indigestion
Everything becomes a question!

Form a Society of Abatement
Don’t Make A Question Out Of A Statement!!!
It doesn’t make a lot of sense,
And shows a lack of confidence

Who’re the culprits? Not Westphalians
Personally, I blame South Africans
How can something so iniquitous
Become so globally ubiquitous?
From Durban to Central Park
Hangs a giant question mark

3 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

I blame it on a global disbelief in anything anymore. Without God anchoring the universe, what is left? Nothing.

And it is hard to make executive statements about nothing. No matter how much politicians try :-)

Manuel Antão disse...

Some pundits say it sounds more and more like we're in some kind of matrix. Or something similar. It's really frustrating that the answer to the structure of our universe and beyond seems so complex and unreachable. And tantalising that there is an answer out there - everything must ultimately be explainable (or not). I feel like my life is like reading a book that I'm not going to get to finish - I'm statistically about half way through and I can't see us getting it all in the next 40 years. Small steps in knowledge seem to need such huge effort - CERN, for example. We already know that due to the possibility that a computer could run a simulation of a universe, statistically it is far more likely than not that we are all just part of a computer simulation than an actual universe. This latest find suggests its all actually in 2-D, so that the aliens who are running the simulation can watch it all on a giant screen. Andy Warhol didn't know the half of it. We're all famous!

Luís Filipe Franco disse...

Lol! God or aliens... or both. there lies the question...! What an insight . There is a common approach I prefer best. God should be a n-dimensional being. In that sense you can discard the 2d assumption:)!.