domingo, fevereiro 25, 2018

Cool Dude: Chewbacca

(The last addition to the family)

Chewie is cool dude. I always think of him as a bit of a stoner surfer dude type, flying around in the Falcon with his mate. One of my fave bits in Star Wars in case anyone thinks he's not a real character is the bit in Empire where Leia wants to go back to Cloud City after just escaped to get Luke, and without real words Chewie barks and mumbles about it not being a good idea with them being chased by TIE fighters, Leia: "Chewie just do it", at which point many shades of grey character Lando who only moments ago betrayed them all pipes up "What about those fighters?", to whom Chewie tells him to "shut the hell up and get out of the way, they are going back, Lando has no right to have an opinion" in one wonderful Wookie angry howl, Lando: "Alright, alright alright".

I'm not sure I'll get Luke. Why? Nobody wants to be Luke; destined to live the life of a monk, only girl he ever kissed turned out to be his sister, endless freaky nightmares, itchy robotic hand, best friend is a sentient dustbin, terrible haircut (in "Return of the Jedi" at least)...

Yep, I am old enough to know better, but back in the day I watched those movies way too often...

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