sexta-feira, março 30, 2018

Homemade and Fermented Hot-Sauce: Habaneros and Bird's Eye Chiles - Part 2

(Ingredients to prepare the pasta: fermented chiles, curcuma, ginger, lemons, and cider vinegar)

After almost 3 weeks, my Habaneros and Bird's Eye Chiles were ready to be minced by Bimby (the white contraption in the background)...

Final product (2 jars):

And now it's time to try it with "Feijoada de choco":

("Feijoada de Choco com coentros frescos"/"Red Bean Stew with Scuttlefish and fresh coriander") 

Bloody Hell!!! This was frigging delicious!!!

4 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

Well, I am glad you like it so much. That pot of goop looks, umm, not appetizing. Now I know what others experience is like when I put up some of those survival food posts.

You named your appliance? Does your wife know about this? ;-)

Manuel Antão disse...

"Feijoada" survival food?? Not in the least. It's considered one of the most famous Mediterranean it.

"Bimby" is the brand of the Outside Portugal it's called Thermomix:

Book Stooge disse...

Be that as it may, it LOOKS like the goop I take pictures of :-)

Ahh, good to know. For a moment there I was afraid you were turning to the AI side a bit early. I was thinking "Man, wait until it can at least love you back!" :-D

Manuel Antão disse...

Ah. AI. How I wish it was already here...Less work, and more time on the beach, I love it! Cowabunga dudes! Speaking of which:time to go surfing...eight o'clock. time to go.