sexta-feira, março 16, 2018

RetroWave: Fav2018

It's midnight and I am sitting in front of my vt220 green screen terminal and conversing with the UNIX machines from all over the world using nothing but pure text... listening to this music with headphones on (max volume!) and feeling like on Nostromo spaceship travelling through the deep space...

Or, it's the sound of rain-slicked neon city backstreets and nightclubs pulsing with swelling synth magic. But it's also the sound of a cool November night in a big Portuguese town, 1984. The shadows dance off of the sides of suburban houses, illuminated by the lights that you and your closest friends mounted on your bikes to explore the streets after the witching hour. Just marvelous all around.

Or, hanging out with the same friends.  Printed out into different eras, quantum computers were nothing compared to this tech. They continuously meet in non existent planes of timelessness. Love of friendship, of sharing. sharing a day together, making memories, picking up where you last left off. Laughing until the memory is now, just now.  Slow time kids - these are our times - they ran falling over and over into different dimensions meeting each other over and over learning and teaching others .....  the spirit of the native Lisboner in this dimension was awake and well. The yells were of joy, steam lodges lit up the city, beautiful tiny homes were the norm. Neon lights smoke in the air combined with solar panels. The diet was native to the land, business was free from politicians free from kings.. Honesty reigned. Fighting still happened but it was in the gym and never escalated.  Mycellium glows in the dark tech to light up the nights, vitamin D sunshine state oh honey tans beautiful mixed people, dark honey light honey .  forget the money it was something else in this dimension, something a peaceful person by nature would immediately feel, people were in shape, yoga studios, style dens and gyms in ever neighborhood, the people were flexible, strong and biological polished.  Healthy eating and pain management was learned from a young age. Singing was encouraged, the medicine man always asked when was the last time you sang? Fundamentally, this dimension is cool as fuck. Hopefully I get to visit again.

Or, I can picture  a 66 year old retired Sonny on the sailboat in Biscayne Bay. He's staring out into the twilight thinking about the old times, remembering Martin Castillo, remembering Gina Calabrese, Zito and Switek and especially his partner and best friend Rico Tubbs. Why this sudden surge of memories? The Sinaloa Cartel has approached him and offered him millions as a consultant regarding undercover operations in Miami-Dade County. He's old, he's tired, he's fighting prostate cancer and he doesn't know if he'll be around much longer. All he has in this world is his son and he would like to leave him better off than he is. So does he accept their offer? And if does, does he betray the badge or the Cartel?

Or, I am waking from a hyper-sleep pod, doing pull-ups in a PT montage, donning a yellow space suit and taking a 24-mile-long space elevator to the surface of a moon around a gas giant orbiting the star Beta Orion so that I can go to work in a mine and stumble upon alien technology that will unlock my mind and lead to the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy to bring about the galactic hegemony of the empire of mankind.

Or, cool white suit, white shoes with no socks, pastel coloured shirt, big shades, black Daytona Spyder or white Testarossa...and no speed limits on the street towards the sunset!

NB1: One thing I love about this genre, aside from being just great to listen to, is that at its heart lies a fundamental question.  Can something made now be more true to the spirit and style of a previous era than the very things left over from the era it's trying to emulate?  (Hopefully that sentence made sense.) I think 1986-1991 was hands down the best 5 years in music, narrowing it down to that time frame because that's about how long it lasted for the most part. It's nice to see that genre has finally come back again, full circle. On Repeat while watching "Halt and Catch Fire" TV Series, one of the best things I've watched on TV in a long time.

NB2: The compilation (2 hours) above made by yours truly. It's almost 2 o´clock in the morning...Over and out.

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Book Stooge disse...

Now see, why can you write posts like at midnight and I end up with stupid facebook fake crisis posts at 10pm? It seems like there is a fundamental flaw in the very universe if such things can be.

Manuel Antão disse...

I'm a night guy... But I don't dabble in facebook fake accounts...If I did, no way to catch me...