domingo, março 04, 2018

Samsung Gear S3: My First Wearable APP Using the Tizen OS by MySelfie

Samsung Gear S3 showing what it can do...

0 - Install the Development Environment with the SDK Tools (Tizen Studio 2.2 with IDE installer, Tizen Extension SDK, Samsung Accessory SDK, and the Samsung Rich Notification SDK):

1 - Install the Tizen Studio IDE;

2 - In the Tizen Studio package manager, install everything for the 2.3.2 wearable;

Tizen SDK Tools:

3 - Install the Samsung Certificate Extension;

4 - Creating the App; I chose the watch because I like all things that glitter...

Some C code spinets of the Watch Gear S3 App:

5 - Running the emulator a gazillion times (from 11:28 in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon...Wife calling for lunch...) until the frigging thing was ok:

(Linux emulator kernel loading) 

6 - Find the IP on your Samsung Gear S3 given by your router:

7 - Run sdb connect on the command prompt;

8 - Turn "debugging mode" on Gear S3;

9 - After the connection is established, use "device manager" on Tools in the Tizen Studio and install it. If you want to go the way of deploying the tpk, you can install the Watch App to a connected device with the tpk ("watchmaantao-1.0.0-x86.tpk"; (vide next screenshot). In the device list, right-click the device to which you want to install an application, and select Install app. In the file dialog, select the "watchmaantao-1.0.0-x86.tpk" file to install and click OK.

The application is installed and launched on the Samsung Gear S3:

(final version; app already with all the builtin bell and whistles that should come with every Watch app; the photos before this one belonged to the barebone version of my Watch App)

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I can't even remember when I last wore a watch. Probably right before I got my first cell phone :-)

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