sexta-feira, abril 06, 2018

Ronaldo's WTF Moment: Overhead Goal - Juventus vs. Real Madrid

(7.8 feet; 4.62 feet)

Can’t believe how high he jumped...As the kids say, it was sick!

There’s been many superlatives to describe Ronaldo’s wonder-goal but the one I coined describes it best..It was a “God-goal” If God scored goals they would be like Ronaldo’s. He jumps about 5 feet in the air and picks out a cross about ten yards out, with his back turned to the goal - And Scores. Outrageous... Obscene... If you put that in a comic book it would be universally rubbished as impossible.... infantile fantasy....But no, this is CR7, the game’s greatest ever player who makes the impossible - reality. He defies description and shames all who came before him (*swoon*)

But it is impossible to like him unless you are a) a Man U fan, b) a Real fan, c) Sporting Fan, d) Portuguese, e) a lover of narcissists or f) hate Messi/Barcelona/Argentina. Anyone see his narcissism-for-the-ages documentary? I was nauseous. And that was his film, he thought it made him look good; g) if you hate the creepy Ronaldo's statue at Madeira airport. Bottom-line: he's so good that it's hard to dislike him despite his narcissism. Yes, he's a pompous so-and-so. Yes, he's an incredibly selfish player. But when he scores goals like that, all is forgiven in my mind. Horrible man, great footballer (*ruffle-his-hair*). You don't have to like him as a person to appreciate and enjoy his talent. The same happens with the some writers. Horrible persons, but wonderful writers (Hamsun, Golding, Ezra Pound, etc.)

NB: It was an insane, wtf moment; remember where you were; goal for the ages. Juve fans’ reaction was sensational and elevated the moment. Ronaldo is a superb goal scorer and possibly the best footballer to score goals ever.

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