quinta-feira, maio 31, 2018

Ana: 20 Years

To Ana

Heart and soul cleave and meld as one
Immaculate, closed to all petty manipulations
Inviolable, immune to meddling of the jealous
A lodestar, a fulcrum about which turns the world
Storm and tempest move it not, nor earth’s eruptions
A pearl beyond price, though unremarked upon
By the unthinking multitudes, even unto Time
Itself and the reaper waiting, always waiting in the shadows
Even unto the end of all things and then still
Persisting beyond all doubt, beyond all question
For know that it is endless and its name is Love.

by MAAntão (31.05.2018)

3 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

Well, since I'm guessing this is referring to your wedding anniversary I say congrats.

Let me know if I'm wrong and I should use some other emotion. I have a whole keyboard full of the things ;-)

Manuel Antão disse...

Right on the nose as usual my friend.

Book Stooge disse...

Yep, that's me! Sharp as soft clay.

Hope you have a great weekend...