domingo, junho 10, 2018

Samsung Steps Challenge: Lavender (Mai)

Participants: 1 380 486 (world-wide)
My place at the end:37 767th (first 5%)
My number of steps: 510 722
Distance = 510 722 / 1320 = 386,9 Km
My Number of steps per day: 510 722/31 = 16 475 (*) greater than 12500 implies "very active"

I should also mention the most exhilarating and exciting way to walk is when you go about it stark naked. If you're careful you can find places where almost nobody goes, and then even if you do see somebody you can easily hide in the bushes (you have to watch the nettles though...) and watch them walk past, making it more of an adventure. It is far more interesting than the run-of-the-mill brisk walk. There was one occasion where it got a bit risky, when some bearded fell runners gave chase, and I had to scramble into a land-fill site to escape...

Samsung Steps Challenge: Desert (April)

NB (*): 

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