domingo, julho 01, 2018

Samsung Steps Challenge: Broccoli (June)

Put one foot in front of the other. Repeat.


Participants: 1 327 164 (world-wide)
My place at the end: 171 056th (first 27%)
My number of steps: 344 120
Distance = 344 120 / 1320 = 260,7 Km
My Number of steps per day: 344 120/30 = 11 471 (*) greater than 10000 and less than 12500 implies "active"


My Total Number of Steps = 572 219 + 510 722 + 344 120 = 1 427 061 /3 = 475 786

My Number of steps per month = 1 427 061/3 = 475 786
My Number of steps per day during the last 3 months = 1 427 061 /(30+31+30) = 15 681 (*) greater than 12500 implies "very active"


Samsung Steps Challenge: Lavender (Mai)
Samsung Steps Challenge: Desert (April)

NB (*): 

6 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

So you walked 260km in June? Nice! I wonder what an average is so there would be something to compare you to.

It "almost" makes me want to find out what I would do in a month, but I don't actually care enough to buy a watch or something :-D

Manuel Antão disse...

Go for it and then we can compare "notes"...You don't need a smartwatch. You can do it with just the smartphone.

Book Stooge disse...

1) Does it require a constant data connection? I'm cheap and only have the 'net on my phone through wifi. When out and about, it's cell calls only for me.

2) what is the actual name of the app? I checked in the google store and there wasn't anything called samsung steps challenge that I could find.

Manuel Antão disse...

The app is called Samsung Health. At the beginning of every month, you'll have the chance to participate. The challenge will pop in the app.

NB: You don't need a data connection. The apps counts steps without it. With the data connection the counting is a bit more precise.

Book Stooge disse...

Cool! Ok, well, I'll spend this month checking it out and then next month we can start comparing to each other for good baselines.

Considering I just came from your "robots are going to take over the world" post, nothing like a good human connection, hahahahaha.

Manuel Antão disse...

eh eh. It'll be fun for sure.