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Samsung Steps Challenge: Beach (July)

Left foot right foot left foot right foot left foot right left foot right foot left foot right foot left foot right foot left foot right foot left foot right left foot right foot left foot right foot (John Cleese would  be proud of me...)


Participants: 1 273 545 (worldwide)
My place at the end: 45 476th (first 7%)
My number of steps: 476 755
Distance = 476 755 / 1320 = 361,2 Km
My Number of steps per day: 476 755/31 = 15 379 (*) greater than 12500 implies "very active"


My Total Number of Steps = 572 219 + 510 722 + 344 120 + 476 755 = 1 903 816

My Total Distance = 433,5 + 386,9 + 260,7 + 361,2 = 1442,3 Km
My Number of steps per month = 1 903 816 /4 = 475 954
My Number of steps per day over the last 4 months = 1 903 816 /(30+31+30+31) = 15 605 (*) greater than 12500 implies "very active"


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Samsung Steps Challenge: Lavender (Mai)
Samsung Steps Challenge: Desert (April)

NB (*):

Don't sit yourself fit. Move! The fear of just aimlessly wandering without purpose is minor with the people who walk. Try to go a little further and a bit quicker each month and enjoy.

NB: Pictures taken while walking.

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Book Stooge disse...

Ok, so I started using this app on my phone this month.
A couple of things that pissed me off (so that I can end on the positives)

the permissions!!! WHY THE FUCK does it "need" access to my phone book? It doesn't.
Second, I can't make use of a LOT of the features without creating a separate "samsung health" account within the app. Using my google id should be enough, the miserable bastards. I can't get a monthly report, or do challenges or any of that stuff. I get a daily count and then at the end of the month an "average daily number of steps". Not good enough.
Third, it drains my battery with its constantly trying to connect to the net, even though my phone has no data plan and is wifi only. That also heats it up and I'm not happy about that.
Fourth, and final, I don't like the algorithm used to calculate steps at all. Given, I stick my phone in the cargo pocket of my work pants but still, I counted one slow day and I actually walked twice as many steps as it calculated.

Now the things I do like.

It does a good job of showing me the fluctuations in my "steps" at work each day.
It has also made me realize that outside of work, I am almost sedentary. REading on the couch does that I guess.

Since I didn't start right at the beginning of July, I'm going to keep it for one more month but then I suspect I'll be getting rid of it. I've had some issues with my phone really acting laggy ever since I installed the app and gmail especially has been having issues. I just hope uninstalling it will be enough.

But it is giving me what I wanted to know: are your number of steps average or above and I can definitely say well above. My daily average for July was 5900 steps per day. It also doesn't help that I don't carry my phone all the time so I'm missing a lot of little things here and there.

Sorry to complain so much. I have enjoyed this as an experiment though and hope August bears out my average of July.

Manuel Antão disse...

As Heinlein would say: TANSTAAFL!

I quite agree with you app-wise. That's why I got the smartwatch. With it I only use the app to sync once per day, typically at the end of the day (I need the app to have the monthly statistics in the worldwide challenge).

But participating in this challenge makes me want to walk more. so, all in all, it's been good so far. 4 months and counting...

Book Stooge disse...

Isn't that the truth? I'm guessing you have a samsung account to get all those details and stuff?

Anything that gets someone moving is a good thing. Now if only I could stand audio books, I'd go walking every evening. Well, except for in the winters :-)

What kind of smart watch do you have?

Manuel Antão disse...

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. It's a wonderful piece of machinery!