sábado, fevereiro 09, 2019

DYI Laptop Rack Project

Before (my study at home: a very large bunch of laptops and PC towers laying about):

Every year I always choose at least one DYI project. 2019 was the year of the laptop rack project.

Don't forget that being a proficient handyman is attractive. It is. Manly. Doesn't even need to be anything massively technical. Just explaining lefty-lucy-righty-tighty can be enough; I was chasing my wife away with a dog-shit on a stick while sweating my butt off. Something to do with reminding them of her dad or summat - I remember reading that somewhere...Of course, I'd appear more attractive to my wife if I could grout the bathroom, knock up a cupboard, etc. Nothing beats a sweaty guy after a hard days graft in the kitchen or bathroom...In the immortal words of Red Greene, "if the women don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy!"

Project (used 2 roll-out-shelves-without-the-drawers not in use at home, and reclaimed a third one as well, in purple, from the community trash):

(after painting them in black with acrylic)

(stacking and gluing them together)

Bought a 16-SMC-port-switch to connect all the stuff together:

Scrounging hard-disks from several laptops:

Result (still work in progress): 7 laptops, a switch, a Synology Server, a hard-disk caddy, WAN Router, Bridge Router, IP Camera connected to the Synology, PC Towers, etc.)

(white wide cable conduits from the laptop rack to the desk)

(Synology and switch with the "christmas lights" on...)

Well, the work above is not going to get me a sainthood or anything, but I think there’s at least something a little morally desirable about being able to develop enough responsibility as an adult to be able to do a laptop rack for myself. Maybe 2020 I'll upgrade it to a proper rack...stay tuned for next year's DYI project!

sábado, fevereiro 02, 2019

Samsung Steps Challenge: Iglu (January)


Participants: 1 419 703 (worldwide)
My place at the end: 214 046th
My number of steps: 292 092
Distance = 292 092 / 1320 = 221.3 Km
My Number of steps per day: 292 092/31 = 9422.3 less than 10000 implies "somewhat active"


My Total Number of Steps = 572 219 + 510 722 + 344 120 + 476 755 + 334 824 + 364 918 + 
353 844  313 341 + 349 393292 092 3 912 228
My Total Distance = 433,5 + 386,9 + 260,7 + 361,2 + 253,6 + 276,45 + 268,06 + 237.38 + 265.7 + 221.3 Km 2 964.79 Km
My Number of steps per month =  3 912 228 / 10 = 391 222.8
My Number of steps per day over the last 10 months =  3 912 228  / (30+31+30+31+31+30+31+30+31+31=306) = 12 785.1(*) greater than 12500 implies "very active"


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