My Fiction and Poetry


The Pearly Gates: "The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in Our Fine-Tuned World" by Karl W. Giberson


We Are Silent Killers: "Lullaby Town" by Robert Crais
In the Darkness, Everyone is Alone: "The Wanted" by Robert Crais
Ana: 20 Years
RetroWave: Fav2018
Fevered with Love's Anxiety: "Phantom Thread" by Paul Thomas Anderson


Book Launch: Antologia de Poesia Contemporânea "Entre o Sono e o Sonho", Vol. VIII by Gonçalo Martins
The Ballet Dancer: "The Late Show" by Michael Connelly
A Society of Abatement: “Year of the Fat Knight - The Falstaff Diaries” by Antony Sher
Micro-Fiction, Text 012: "Go Team Portugal!" by MySelfie
Micro-Fiction, Text 009: "The Fever of Storms and Floods" by Myselfie
Micro-Fiction, Text 008: "The Moon" by Myselfie (Dedicated to My Father)
Micro-Fiction, Text 007: "He Lived as He Died" by Myselfie
Tor2Web Proxy: "The Dark Net - How to Stay Anonymous Online Even from the NSA" by Peter Johansen
Micro-Fiction, Text 006: "Everyone's Short on Talent" by Myselfie
This is How the World Will End: "The Art of Invisibility" by Kevin Mitnick, Robert Vamosi
Unreliability of Fiction: “The Devil You Know” by K. J. Parker
Unreliability in Fiction: "Blue and Gold" by K. J. Parker
Micro-Fiction, Text 005: "The English Fry-up" by Myselfie
#ITHINKICAN: "Antologia do Poesia Fâ Clube Novembro 2016" by Several Authors
Micro-Fiction, Text 004: "The Poster" by Myselfie
My Memory, My Soul, My Quantum Entanglement: 6th
Micro-Fiction, Text 003: "The Lift" by Myselfie


"Poetry Anthology" by Corpos Editora
The Curse of the Blue Meth: "How To Write A Novel The Easy Way Using The Pulp Fiction Method To Write Better Novels: Writing Skills" by Jim Driver, Jack Davies
You're So Beautiful You Made Me Forget My Pick Up Line: "Ronald Rabbit Is a Dirty Old Man" by Lawrence Block
Minor Spy Fiction: "A Spy Divided" by Charles Cumming
Northumbrian Humour: "The Throwback" by Tom Sharpe
400th Anniversary (1616-2016): "The Matrix Meets A Midummer Night's Dream" by Myselfie
Microfiction. Text 002: "An Orange-white Umbrella of Fire Bent From the Pod's Surface" by Myselfie
Microfiction. Text 001: "Jagged Pieces of Light Inspired by Rajaniemi's Fiction" by Myselfie
World Poetry Day 2016, March the 21st: "Rub: Predicament"


A Short Tale Suggested by a Murnau Picture Taken from Faust: "Schatten im Friedhof" by Manuel Augusto Antão
Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and I: "The Rub of Death, the Rub of Love"
Shakespeare and I: "Shakespeare's Bastardization"
Shakespeare and I: "A Haiku Poem"
Shakespeare and I: "Love's Prick"
Hail All Things Medieval: "Shakespeare's Ghosts"
To Sonnetate or not to Sonnetate, that is the Question: "Os Sonetos de Shakespeare" by William Shakespeare and Vasco Graça Moura
The Physics of the Impossible: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, Burton Raffel, Harold Bloom


Spiritual Poetry: "Hölderlin - Poemas" by Friedrich Hölderlin


Cleverus Dickus: "Metamorphoses (Norton Critical Edition)" by Ovid, Charles Martin (Translator)


Sonnet 42: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams
Sextuple star system: "Nightfall" by Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg

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