Poetry Book Reviews



Sortes Vergilianae: "The Inferno of Dante" by Dante Alighieri, Robert Pinsky (trans.)


The Holy Book of Blake: "The Poetic Image" by Cecil Day-Lewis
Can No Longer Bear the Aggressiveness of Poetry: "Berlin-Hamlet" by Szilárd Borbély, Ottilie Mulzet (Translator)
Book Launch: Antologia de Poesia Contemporânea "Entre o Sono e o Sonho", Vol. VIII by Gonçalo Martins
This is How the World Will End: "The Art of Invisibility" by Kevin Mitnick, Robert Vamosi
#ITHINKICAN: "Antologia do Poesia Fâ Clube Novembro 2016" by Several Authors


"Poetry Anthology" by Corpos Editora
Re-Imagining Rilke's Metaphor in Portuguese: "O Livro das Imagens" by Rilke, Maria João Costa Pereira
World Poetry Day 2016, March the 21st: "Rub: Predicament"
Erhabene Poesie: "A Borboleta Vermelha" by Helena de Sousa


Deep Blue: "River Gurara Shipwreck" (38°24'42"N - 9°13'11"W), 24/11/2001, 03/08/2002
To Read What Hasn’t Been Written: "Ler o Que Não Foi Escrito" by João Barrento, Walter Benjamin, Paul Celan
2015 Pessoa Prize: Rui Chafes
Energywellness Poetry: "Arranhando Armário" by Maria Rosa Pereira
Writing Derring-do: "Would you be interested in writing something based on a picture?" Yes: "Onlookers and Witnesses" is the answer
Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and I: "The Rub of Death, the Rub of Love"
Shakespeare and I: "Shakespeare's Language"
Shakespeare and I: "A Haiku Poem"
Shakespeare and I: "Love's Prick"
When I die I’ll come back, to fetch the moments I didn’t live by the sea: "Obra Poética" by Sophia de Melo Breyner Andresen
To Sonnetate or not to Sonnetate, that is the Question: "Os Sonetos de Shakespeare" by William Shakespeare and Vasco Graça Moura
Red Poetry: "Praça da Canção" by Manuel Alegre, José Rodrigues (drawings), Paula Morão (introduction)
The Meaning of Poetry: "Folhas Caídas e Flores sem Fruto" by Almeida Garrett
Gesang is Dasein: "Rilkeana" by Ana Hatherly
Ana Hatherly, Portuguese Poet-Painter, May 8 1929 - August 5 2015
Camoens vs Shakespeare: "Retratos de Camões" by Vasco Graça Moura
Converting Banality into Transcendence: "Poesia, Saudade da Prosa" by Manuel António Pina



Spiritual Poetry: "Hölderlin - Poemas" by Friedrich Hölderlin


Fragments of Thought-Poems: "Das Stundenbuch" by Rainer Maria Rilke



Uncontrollable Madness: “Paradise Lost” by Milton
Cleverus Dickus: "Metamorphoses (Norton Critical Edition)" by Ovid, Charles Martin (Translator)


To Plug the Mighty Hole Withal: "Faust - First Part" by Goethe


Black Thread: “Birthday Letters” by Ted Hughes


Profound Place: "Four Quartets" by T. S. Eliot
Kublai Khan: "The Wasteland, Prufrock and Other Poems" by T. S. Eliot Corny not the Sublime: "Manfred" by Lord Byron

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